Overview of my work

My presentationhttp://prezi.com/bbacxtcoposf/

Overall i am really happy with what i have produced as i feel that it fits the brief of an interactive journey well.
I did have a few complications when making my project, the main one was trying to upload my footage from the tape to the editing software. I first tried uploading to avid as it seemed the most simple to do however when i captured the tape there were multicoloured squares covering parts of the screen. I then tried to upload to final cut using a handy cam and fire wire cable. This again should have been quite simple however it kept telling me that there were dropped frames on the footage and therefore kept cancelling the capturing process.
In the end i used Imovie to upload the footage, it was so easy to use all i had to do was plug it in and click upload and I had no problems whatsoever. However as it could only upload in real-time i had to wait half an hour for it to finish. After that i uploaded the imported files into final cut and I was then ready to edit my footage together.
I didnt encounter any problems whilst editing and i managed to get it finished within a couple of days. The longest part was letting it render as i had sped my clips up and used split screen so it therefore had more things to render than usual.
I am not sure why my piece is 6 minutes long as it is only supposed to be around 1:30. After watching it i can see that it has added clips on at the end which are not supposed to be there. however it is quite obvious where the film is supposed to stop and it is very easy on Prezi to carry on with the presentation at any time by clicking the arrow. Also at the end of the clip there are two flashes of green screen which i have no idea how to get rid of. I think that this must have happened somehow whilst uploading.

I am happy with how my prezi has turned out. I had never used prezi before but it was really simple and an effective way of portraying my journey and im glad that i tried something new. Another thing that i have tried is using Google Sketchup. This was such an interesting piece of software and once I got used to it i found it quite simple also. I know that a lot more can be done with the software but for a first attempt i think i have done pretty well in showing what the start point of my journey looks like. I will definitely keep practicing at google sketchup and also try and do inside the house aswell as outside.

If i was to do this project again i would still use Prezi as i think that it is such a goog piece of software to portray a journey however i would probably try to incorporate more video’s and images. E.g i could split my journey up even more and maybe ave more links to different things other than my google map. Nevertheless i feel that i have given a good overview of all of the new things that i have tried this module into my prezi presentation (where possible) and i am happy with the overall outcome.


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My Video’s

I have now created both of the video’s that will be on my Prezi presentation. I didnt really have any problems whilst editing as it all went quite smoothly. I am really happy with the result and I think that is portrays a sense of journey well, i am glad that i did the two video’s in different styles ad it gives diversity for the audience and gives a different feel to each video.

Video 1

In this first video I only used still images which gave it a stop motion feel. It shows the journey from my room to my car.

Video 2

This video shows the car journey from my house to my nan’s house, I’ve used split screen and google maps footage to engage the audience and have hopefully made it interesting to watch.

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Google Sketchup

I have had a go at making an image on google sketch up. I found it such an interesting piece of software and, although I wasnt the best at it, I feel that i have managed to make a realistic viev of my house. I think that it is amazing what you can do with the software once you have learnt a bit more about it and i am definately going to keep practicing at it. I am keen to incorporate this image into my final piece as it will show diversity of the technologies I’v used. I also think its a shame to waste.

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I have now made a new map on google maps, this time i have made one showing the route from my house to my nan’s house. This will reflect the video footage that i have shot whilst driving there. I have also filmed the computer screen from google maps so that i will be able to use this in my video as well.

I have been having a few problems with FInal cut as i have not been able to upload any clips due to ‘dropped frames’ which i need to sort out so that i can carry on with the project.

As I am hoping to use prezzi for my final project i have to split my journey into sections so that it will be navigable on the software. If it was just one video clip there would be no point using the prezzi software as it would not portray the navigability of the piece very well.

I am going to take a lot of photo’s from my room to the car which will show one part of the journey. As this will be in stills it will have a different feel to the other video which will be video footage. It will also give the piece a sense of rushing to reflect my feelings as i am usually in a rush. I will also put quite fast paced music underneath to help portray the sense of rushing.

I could also split the main video up into smaller parts to show different sections of the journey, I could stop at certain points and take photo’s from out the window. These could then be uploaded onto google maps to make the journey on there more interactive.

I i am unable to sort my Prezzi presentation out i will have to out the video’s onto google maps to provide a navigable journey that way. HOwever i will try to stick to my original idea as i feel that it fits to the brief more.

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Final Cut

I am so happy to be working with final cut as opposed to the usual Avid software. I find avid overly complicated and badly organised whereas, in my opinion, final cut is much more simpler and quicker to use. This will enable me to edit my footage a lot quicker than if i was using avid and I will therefore be able to create more videos in the time time that we have left to complete our final piece. This is very important as i am aiming to include at least three different video clips into my Prezi presentation.

I learnt final cut whilst i was in Kenya on a volunteer project called the ‘Great Primate Handshake’, and over the month the video team (ehich consisted of  six people managed to create around 16 video’s (which went to various primate sanctuaries across Kenya). I found using final cut really helpful and was able to create a whole video on my own in less than a day.

This is one of the vidoe’s that i created using Final cut. I shows the children of Kundeni Primary school in Bore doing a carbon exchange with children from a school in Lampeter.

I was really pleased with how quickly i was able to create a video for the school and know that it would have taken a lot longer if i had used Avid.

I have brought myself a hard drive so that i will able to store all of my video clips onto that instead of the mac’s which can prove to be a bit tempremental when storing that sort of data. This will allow me to be able to edit whenever I need to as i will have all of my video clips and my saved sequence onto the hard drive.

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My idea revisited


I have now decided that i need to explore more types of interactive media rather than sticking to something i already know which is video production. I have now decided that i am going to do a Prezi presentation as this will enable me to use a lot of different medias but arrange then in a way that it will produce an interactive narrative piece. My main concern with my other idea was the element of interactivity which it was lacking in a way. I wasnt sure how i could turn a short video piece of my journey into something more exciting and imaginative.

With this new idea I will be able to include more of my thought processes behind the climax of the video that i will produce ( from my original idea). I could start with text describing my journey with pictures/stills taken from the filmed journey, i could then go on to show my google maps video which could be made quite interactive in itself, to show the route of the journey and i could possibly try a google sketchup to show it in more detail.

I feel that by doing this i will be able to try out new things that i have never tried before and create a more interactive and a more purposeful piece. By showing my thought process it will also create a narrative in itself and will also have narratives within the piece which will be shown through still and moving images.

I am very happy with my new idea, i think it ticks all of the boxes however i think that i need to find something that will make my prezi presentation unique.

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Her Morning Elegance

I really enjoyed watching the ‘Sour ( hibi no neiro)’  and found it fascinating how they managed to create larger images through the use of multiple webcam images. It also amazed me how they had managed to make it look like each person could willingly interact with the person next to them e.g. they could enter eachothers screens and they could carry on the raindrop picture throughout each screen.

I had a look at some of the other video’s that were related to this one and found one that I really enjoyed.

I loved the use of stop motion and it reminded me of ‘The Perfect Human – Cuba’ video where only half second shots were allowed to be used. I thought that it was a really clever way to put across a narrative and gave a very lighthearted tone to the piece. I liked how this was used as a music video as i feel that by having the music track underneith it gives it a sense on consistency and narrative.

Blink 182 – ‘Always’

Another video that i have always been a fan of is the music video to ‘Always’ by Blink 182. Split screen is used quite differently in this film than to e.g. Cibo Matto’s video. In this one the screen is split three times horizontally rather than the traditional vertically, it follows each of the band members with the same girl in the same environment which gives a sene of consistency throughout the video. I really liked how each segment of the screen corresponded with a band member but that this didnt stay consistent but swapped from person to person which changed the course of the events with the girl.
I think that i may try experimenting with how i am going to use split screen instead of the typical double screen split vertically. I think that it may make a more intriging video as everyone is used to split screen videos. I could also try using multiscreen to show many different aspects of my journey at the same time.

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